December 4, 2022

PUSS IN BOOTS: The Last Wish Movie Review

Puss in Boots The Last Wish is Dreamworks Animations' pre-holiday gift for children of all ages and brings back Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek as the voices of Puss and Kitty Softpaws, respectively. The movie is set to open in PH theaters this Wednesday, December 7th.
Still hungry for adventure, Puss in Boots had just realized that he is left with his one last life after killing a giant and being dropped by a bell. Thinking about his retirement, he is now hunted by The Big Bad Wolf or Death as he calls it.

In his last quest, he goes to find the Wishing Star to restore his nine lives. There he reunites with an abandoned love Kitty Softpaws and meets a new sidekick Perro. The three of them endure an adventure against Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Big Jack Horner before they get to the Wishing Star.
The newest story from the makers of Shrek still gets the humor for everyone who started the franchise. You'll miss the whole team, of course, but we all deserve Puss and his adventure in his 9 lives. We are still looking forward for more fairy tales to include in the series.

Digging deeper into the essence of the story, Perro steals the scene. A happy-go-lucky dog might be just one that we need. He also makes us realize that we might already have what we're wishing for and that it's already a good thing. Selfishness has no room for him that's why he could be the best buddy for everyone. He is just so happy with what he already has and even more grateful in the presence of Puss and Kitty.

Puss in Boots The Last Wish is a very enjoyable movie for everyone. An epic adventure that will even warm your heart.

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