October 12, 2022

Living healthier while on the go; APL GO raises the bar on food supplements

“Health is wealth” is a cliché that has been around for decades. With the emergence of sicknesses and unexpected health concerns due to the pandemic, the direct correlation between the two has never been more emphasized than now. First, a healthy body enables people to live their lives to the fullest – giving them the energy to pursue their goals, dreams, and spend time with their loved ones. Second, it shields them from financial ruin by paying hefty medical bills and other potential hospital expenses.

Although these points are widely known, there is still a lot to discuss when it comes to what it really means to have a healthy body and achieve optimal well-being.

Go-to partner for a healthier lifestyle

With people bouncing back from laying low to being on-the-go to do what they need to do, self-care, wellness, active lifestyle, and healthy diet have all become part of the top priorities to keep them energized, fit, conditioned, and most importantly protected from possible illnesses and conditions.

But with so many things going on – balancing a job, training for an exam, watching the kids, traveling and so on – the challenges of keeping up while staying healthy are not an easy feat.

APL GO, a global multi level networking company that specializes in health and wellness knows this for a fact as it introduces its “Life on the Go” campaign which aims to empower and equip Filipinos to make healthier lifestyle choices and change their lives for the better.

Over the past 8 years, APL GO has been successfully manufacturing and distributing its unique lozenge drops across North America, Europe, and Central Asia. The demand and success of food supplements led the company to market in the Philippines as it continues with its mission to become the game changer in the nutraceutical space and meet the evolving needs of the consumers to help them achieve their goals by becoming healthy and productive individuals.

Delicious candy-like lozenge drops

An individual’s body needs proper care to be able to function at its best throughout the day. Aside from nutrition, regular exercise, and enough sleep, it also needs support which can come in different forms – positive reinforcement, a healthy environment, and a stable support system. These are just some of the things that the body needs to thrive, but with the fast-paced demand of today’s world, an additional boost to stay healthy and protected– in a quick, easy and convenient way is a much-needed necessity.

“APL GO’s lozenges are unique candy-like food supplements made from whole food, natural fruits, berries, and plants. They are designed to support a healthy diet and exercise while delivering fast acting phytonutrients to the cells of the body – from supporting natural immune response vitality, stamina and strength, digestive processes, and so much more,” said Kauri Thompson, General Manager of APL GO International.

The innovative drops are made from the company’s revolutionary Acumullit SA technology which conserves essential nutrients and properties of the natural ingredients and botanical particles – making them absorbable like candies. Moreover, the components are processed under a turbulent airflow of negatively charged particles. As a result, the components get additional energy and the most biologically active substances which are released from the plants.

“Whatever age or lifestyle, our plant-based all natural lozenge drops are safe to consume with no risk of overdose," said Bryan Plazo, Vice President, Business Development, APL GO Philippines.” With people becoming more and more active and on-the-go, APL GO aims to be the go-to partner to help them reach their personal goals, support them in their health and wellness activities, and overall help them achieve optimal health and well-being,” he added.

APL GO carries over 15 different all-natural lozenge drops which are highly concentrated with over 80 superfoods and 1000 phytonutrients. From the convenience of easy consumption up to giving the body exactly what it needs, APL GO is the on-the-go partner, caring for your health and wellness goals -- keeping you on the move and living your life on the go.

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