June 29, 2022

You're under Vecna's curse at the upside down in Makati

Before we all see the next volume of Stranger Things 4 on July 1, Glorietta Activity Center in Makati will be under Vecna's curse until July 2. The huge venue transformed into a huge red world of the Upside Down controlled by this season's villain and Eleven's arch enemy.

Vecna floats at the center held by his huge network of vines, roots or whatever you call it, ready to strangle everyone under his curse like what he did to poor Chrissy Cunningham, Fred Benson and more others. Want to play the victim? Go pop your heads through trunks surrounding Vecna just like in El's visions in Volume 1.

I still have my Dustin's cap from season 2 but I hope he will not get killed in the next chapter.

Vecna is also present and playing over our minds to take photos with him. LOL

The clock is ticking. Netflix also revealed the trailer for Volume 2 and it's making us go crazy as our gang will be fighting Vecna face to face. The battle will be more intense and we would not how if they're going to win. Watch here.

Do you think Eleven and the Hawkins kids can do it? Discuss in the comments below.

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