June 6, 2022

I'm glad that I didn't miss this event

It's just another weekend but spent extraordinarily. I attended my first wrestling event LIVE put up by the Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) at Ateneo. I've seen WWF on TV and knew household names like The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Triple H and more but it's just on screen. I don't have to enumerate everyone because it reveals my age. Seeing MWF's live event the Republika 2022, and amazingly we have our own pro-wrestling federation in the country, I said that it's something that I must not miss.
MWF Ring
They've put up a wrestling ring inside Arete and the venue can house around 100 spectators, I think. A small group to gather but I had the anticipation to see an exciting show. MWF did not disappoint to give us the entertainment we deserve and writing it down in my blog would immortalize the experience I had. Entering the venue, we've seen memorabilia telling the story of MWF from decades ago and how it evolve to where it is today. Masks, gears and even the well-crafted champions belt were on display and it brings me back to my younger years where I also imagine myself wearing a costume and put a prank on my siblings with a wrestling match until we eventually get into a fight. LOL
MWF Championship belt
Pre-events brought us laughter and cringe but they set the mood and introduce the story of what's going to happen. I thought MWF is a full-sports show but instead patterned an entertainment scene that we Filipinos have been missing. Those matches from the undercards already served the drops, kicks, throws and show of power that wrestling fans were eager to see. Avid fans also encouraged the others to let our spirits out to cheer for the wrestler we want to win. It feels so liberating to be able to shout your heart out and be part of the lively audience for this show.
The MWF would still need steps to be glorious like WWF but this show is amazing and promising. They don't discriminate and unapologetic. You don't need to overthink and you can stand on your seat and enjoy the show. I was attentively covering for the event and had no expectations on what's going to happen. But I was in awe when I first-handedly experienced action just a feet away where our great talents are giving us one hell of a show, especially towards the main event. For me, it's a breath of fresh air of the kind of entertainment I was accustomed to. It could have been better if the trash-talking were spoken in Filipino so the audience could be more engaged.
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