November 6, 2021

Nicole Laurel Asensio releases new Christmas single on November 26

Multi-talented artist Nicol Laurel-Asensio is all set to release her new song "Christmas Without You" this coming November 26 in Spotify. “Christmas Without You” is a prequel of sorts to last year’s original composition “See You This Christmas” and describes a couple saying their sweet goodbyes and exchanging well wishes as one of them needs to leave to work abroad to support their loved one.

The characters continue to find ways to remain hopeful during the holiday season, even if they are separated from one another. It is through the little holiday rituals they once shared, that the memory of one another comes alive, and they are renewed by the thought of being together again in due time.

The creative process was just simple according to Nicole as she started humming a melody and developed the first verse. She also watched Netflix movies in hopes of lyrical inspiration. A call with Nigerian-songwriter Sam Akins, whom she also had previous musical projects, gave his creative opinions and made a few adjustments and gave a soulful flavor in the song.

As it was set, it's all ready for a music video. PBB housemate Ranty Portento joins the team as Nicole's partner. From an initial Zoom call to fulfill the leading man role, he was easy to work with. The music video will also be released soon to give us sweetness, laughter, light and comfortable way for a Christmas feel.

Nicole Laurel-Asensio and Ranty Portento

Christmas Without You's full music team consists of Nicole Laurel-Asensio for vocals, music and lyrics with Sam Akins. Arranged and produced with Michael Guevarra, Ira Cruz. The band takes Otep Concepcion on drums, Simon Tan for upright bass, Ira Cruz for guitar and bells, Nikko Rivera on electric piano, Michael Guevarra on saxophone, Lester Sorilla on trumpet, Darius Mendoza on trombone. This song is distributed and published by Warner Music Philippines.

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