October 29, 2021

Getting the BOQ Vaccination Certification for COVID-19

The government mandates that we should always submit our records for contact tracing purposes since we are still in a pandemic. But as the restrictions came to ease with the new Alert Level classifications, it would cause so much hassle to always log your name in different establishments. That's why they are now considering QR codes and vaccination cards as your pass when coming inside buildings and/or dining out.

But what about if you're travelling abroad? There is a single solution that is accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) that should be adapted and accepted by all countries -- It's the Vaccination Certification card (VCC) that holds all your vaccination record so you will have a safe trip anywhere you go. This can be very useful to seafarers, travellers, basically everyone who has plans to go abroad. I already got mine and I'd like to share how you can have one too.

Of course, you have to secure your vaccination in your locality and an active passport. I recently got mine so I can use it as an additional ID and requirement for getting the VCC.

1. Go to icv.boq.ph to get an appointment. It's the official website for the Department of Health's Bureau of Quarantine.

2. Select your location, whether it's NCR, Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. They have satellites that you can process your VCC.

3. Click on appointment. Look for the most convenient date and time for you. Read the Terms & Conditions and fill up all the information needed in the Individual Application form.

4. Your bill will be P300 plus processing fee depending on the payment method you chose. It also includes your chosen appointment date and time. Print the receipt and keep it until your appointment. It should contain the QR code that you need to present on-site. Also check your email regularly as they may send some announcements and changes in your appointment -- I initially booked at their Main Branch in Manila but I was transferred to Robinsons Place Manila which I think was more convenient.

5. Go to your appointment venue with your LGU's vaccination card and passport. You need to present these to the proctor where he/she will encode it in the system and for you to double check.

Then wait for about 5-10 mins in the final step and your name will be called with your VCC with all your records. You can already present this any where you're travelling. This record will also be reflected in vaxcert.doh.gov.ph in case you want to verify it online.

If you have any questions regarding your appointment or more, you can message them at BOQ Online Booking Support.

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