August 28, 2021

The TB battle

Something came over the mail today and I thank J&J Philippines for this care package. The lung pillows are so cute and it's made by Gawad Kalinga mothers to raise awareness about TB and how to fight it.

Little of you may know that I experienced TB (tuberculosis) years before and I think it's about time to share how I overcame this battle.

It was in early 2018 that I experienced fever that comes and goes, there were also times that I cannot sleep because of incessant coughing. I tried taking cough meds and paracetamol for cough but it continued for about 3 months. Then I decided to finally consult a physician.

I had some tests and it was found that I had TB (tuberculosis) in my sputum. I was not sure how I got it but the doctor advised me to take medications of Quadmax while monitoring my sputum monthly. I went to our city's health center so I can have my medicine for free. It was hard for the first months as I still had back pains, sometimes difficulty in breathing however, the coughing went a bit relieved. A few tolerable allergies manifested that I had to endure because it was just the side effects of the medicine. This continued while I was taking the medicine and glad there had been some improvements. In the last phase of my treatment, (the treatment went for 6 months) they gave me Duomax because they found that my body is improving against TB. I was religiously taking the meds accompanied by light exercise and healthy diet. This journey also worried my family because they have been exposed but thankful they are negative about that. The sad part was I had to isolate myself for very long.

After 6 months, I'm finally clear! I'm so grateful to my physician and the city health officers for assisting with this battle. I regained my lost weight, having better sleep, and had no more worries. I am also glad that I was able to see the world again but more cautious now.

I encourage everyone if you know someone who might be experiencing this, to be their support and never let them feel be lonely. TB sometimes kills due to depression or lack of emotional support. TB should be addressed in the early stages and don't be afraid to go to the doctor. The government already has programs against it so you can have your medicines for free.

The Philippines is one of the 30 countries that contribute to the population of TB patients in the world. 
 - World Health Organization

We must all be aware of our status and again, encourage people to reach out to the TB-DOTS health centers nearest you. You can find them here:

I am thankful for J&J Philippines for sending this care package today and this helped me open up about my case before and share my journey in fighting TB.

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