June 19, 2021

MOVIE REVIEW - LUCA: discovering friendship despite differences

Disney Pixar's latest offering Luca is about a sea creature and his discovery of a new world on the land surface. Aside from the fun animated adventure presented in the most Italian way, its underlying themes of family, friendship and acceptance and unity are not left unnoticed.

Starting with two fishermen witnessing a legend with their two eyes, we can say how people and sea monsters alike became afraid of each other because of unfamiliarity. Then we are taken to life under the sea and how Luca's curiosity about the land surface were hindered by his own family and what he believed in. Thankfully, meeting Alberto made him realize that living in a new world and gaining experience might be the next best thing for him. Not to mention Vespa which got a lot of mentions in this film.

Then knowing Giulia, a wise, competitive and cordial human girl further introduced the world to Luca and that made him want to stay more. He learns about the universe, his old beliefs were not true and more. Because of Giulia's competitiveness, concealing their true identity as sea monsters allowed them to enjoy their new life. But they got a problem, they get to learn the bad side of the surface as diverse characters of human nature through Ercole, the town's aggressive top athlete.

Soon as his family knew about this, like any other kid who dreams about being independent and unaware of circumstances, Luca's family tried to ground him. But his arrogance helped him to discover more, he just still have to keep his secret and be extra careful not to get caught. He can call on different saints -- the Santa Mozzarella, Santo Pecorino and more. In an unfortunate event, the secret is revealed and whole community weighed in on whether they'll accept or reject the creature that they feared.

Luca like the past Pixar movies, really hits the emotions especially if friendship is treasured most. The best and worst times will come but it's more important to have somebody that will be there for you even if you can get in trouble. Luca wins two sides of the coin and was able to bridge the differences of both worlds.

Giulia, Alberto and Luca

Come to the seaside town of Portorosso and watch Luca featuring the voices of Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman, and more. Sacha Baron Cohen also lent his voice as Uncle Ugo from the deep. Directed and written by Enrico Casarosa, now streaming on Disney+.

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