June 12, 2021


Jon M. Chu and Lin-Manuel Miranda's In The Heights came more than just a movie adaptation of the theater musical of the same title but it elevated the excitement, emotions and the lessons that it teaches. Jon M. Chu's vision has given us the better understanding by providing a wider perspective of the community of Washington Heights, aside from its vibrant and diverse neighborhood, each story of the resident were dug deeper to touch your sense and sensibilities.

Knowing the festive music and glorious choreography that is a mixture of hip hop, salsa, mambo and any dance and tune you can think of, you'll get more. Movie magic was materialized that made it look exciting. It will really get you up on your feet. Start with the streets, the pool and especially in that bar scene before the blackout. They really got a powerful ensembles to execute this well and everybody did well. I'm glad that I've seen this as it has given me a better understanding of the musical I saw years ago. The songs are in fact moving and you can feel the cast's emotions through their amazing acting. Actors were well cast they did great. Kudos to Anthony Ramos, Melissa Barrera, Corey Hawkins, Leslie Grace, Gregory Diaz IV, Olga Merediz, the salon girls and everyone.

Let us not forget about the close ties between neighbors. Hope you'll think -- When is the last time you actually talked to a neighbor? What made them special? In The Heights reminds us that people around us may have the same hopes for us, can move mountains for us, can protect us, if we share the same values.

You have to watch the whole movie until the end credits. You'll get something very special from Piraguero Lin-Manuel Miranda in the end for his sweet clap back. ;)

In The Heights is now showing in theaters and streaming via HBO Max. 

* Images via Warner Bros. Pictures

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