May 11, 2021

Soap Serye Moroccan Clay Soap review

I have tried many commercially made soaps as I aim for good and lasting effects but they mostly fail in keeping my skin healthy and moisturized. Even medicated soaps give that dry feeling, or sometimes to smooth as if I didn't rinse. I end up changing soaps every time I did not achieve the result that I wanted.

Then my friend Joji who was working for a network ventured into soap business and asked me to try the soap that she created. She is relatively new in the business because she was one of the affected individuals who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. I admire her for her resilience and thinking of a business to survive and so I'd like to try her product and at it's the least I can do for her to cope up with these times.
Her product Soap Serye just started during this pandemic and she developed 2 products. I bought her Moroccan Clay Soap which has all safe and mostly natural ingredients such as Olea Europea Fruit Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Elais Guineensis, Kernel Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua, Authentic Moroccan Red Clay, Kaoli-num, Lactomoist, Sodium Lactate Organic Green Tea Essential Oil. Combining the benefits of these ingredients will give your skin a natural rejuvenation without the harmful chemicals and strong fragrances. It is good for deep cleansing, exfoliation, soothes skin irritations and fight certain skin bacteria because of the certain extracts. 

The Moroccan Clay Soap lathers well and can be used as body and hair wash as it also fights dandruff. It is a good 2-in-1 cleansing soap for the whole body.
Plus it comes in a sustainable packaging too. The soap is wrapped in recycled paper and also comes in a stylish weave bag that you can also recycle as a stylish gift. Talk about sustainability and conservation. Tip: Slice a bar in half or according to your preference and place it on a dry rack after using to extend your soap's life for more refreshing baths.

Soap Serye also offers Madre de Cacao soap that is good for your pets. Give them the pampering they deserve without harmful chemicals.

You may order Soap Serye online at Lazada for 170 per bar. Just go to to order. You can also follow Soap Serye & Co Facebook page and Instagram @soapserye

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