February 19, 2021

Marian Rivera's first theater role in a Greek literary classic

Fans of GMA royalty Marian Rivera-Dantes should watch out for her first role in a theater piece that deals on a political climate in Tanghalang Ateneo's second production this season entitled - password: 03d1pu5_R3x. This is based on a Greek literary classic written by Sophocles more than 2500 years ago which is still relevant in today's times.

Marian Rivera as VP Kreon in password: 03d1pu5_R3x

password: 03d1pu5_R3x is a Filipino adaptation in the modern times from Oedipus Rex (King Oedipus / Oedipus Tyrranus) and Marian plays a political figure, the Vice President that is, named Kreon in this play. As a beginner in theater productions, she narrates how she was persuaded by her husband, Dingdong Dantes, to do the role. She was able to accept realizing the relevance of the plot in today's climate and how it would help students and viewers in the education process as her contribution despite the pandemic. 

She was lauded by her co-actor Yan Yuzon stating he had learned a lot from Marian with her experience in show business and acting in front of the camera. Director Ron Capinding also commended Marian in her dedication to deliver the role, from understanding the piece and even the deep Filipino terms to give the necessary character for Kreon.

Right now, we're congratulating Marian Rivera and looking forward for more roles and to even experience live theater as an actress.

password: 03d1pu5_R3x streams online on February 22, 25 and 27. You may buy tickets at Ticket2Me here https://ticket2me.net/e/33027 starting at P100.

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