October 12, 2020

Nicole Laurel-Asensio tells her Poblacion story in new single

General Luna lead vocalist Nicole Laurel-Asensio teases a new single about the life in one of the Metro's entertainment districts Poblacion, to be released on Spotify on October 16 and a music video on October 17.

In her story, Nicole narrates the colorful night life when all the flickering neon lights illuminate the fun and vibrant story of each person who wander in the streets of Poblacion. Who would forget the loud sounds, lingering smoke and intoxicating drinks that help us escape from the monotonous and tiring days of hard labor? Nicole Laurel-Asensio writes her story of meeting people, enjoy a time of happiness or even unfortunate events. That what makes Poblacion an interesting spot and Montmartre of Makati.

Poblacion combines jazz, big-band music and maybe hard rock, thanks to the collaboration with Chito Miranda and AMP Big-band which Nicole had drawn inspiration to. Coming also this week is a 1920s or so themed music video with no other than legendary Ms Cherie Gil. Watch the making of the song and music video below: 

Catch the newest single POBLACION on these online platforms:

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