February 25, 2020

THE INVISIBLE MAN movie review

The Invisible Man is this generation's Hollow Man is a nice psychological game of danger and obsession.
When Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) leaves her abusive ex, he kills himself and it's quite a question why he leaves her his fortune. Believing that his death was a hoax and everything slowly turns lethal, she makes everything she can to prove that she is being hunted by someone no one can see.
While Elisabeth Moss playing the character is already a strong point in this movie, you'll have to follow the story which is the real strength of it. It is a riveting plot that you have to follow with unexpected twists and redeeming conclusions.

The CGI part is forgivable, as the animations are clean. They made a justifiable explanation for me to believe the effects of the invisibility.

The Invisible Man is now showing in theaters, distributed from United International Pictures Philippines. Rated R-13 for bloody violence and language.

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