April 9, 2019

PET SEMATARY movie review

Stephen King's animal thriller Pet Sematary brings the scare in loving a pet so much -- unless you will leave them dead for good.
I have a dog right now and I am a little bit too attached with him. Since watching Pet Sematary, I became a little bit concerned and scared on how will I take care of him. Good thing that this was only a work of fiction but the thought in my head never leaves what would happen if they came. This horror flick is very gruesome for kids, it's R16 by the way and it gives the whole chilling experience from start to finish -- I was covering my eyes for any jump scares.
On the production note, the effects, especially on the cat and prosthetics are simple yet effectively complimented the story. Like you're watching a scarier version of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" You can check the 1989 version too and tell me which is more scarier.

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