November 25, 2018

THE GRINCH movie review

Illumination's The Grinch provides a heartwarming story on how you will look at Christmas again.
With the amazing animation of Dr. Seuss' classic, The Grinch submits great visual and songs that give a festive glow on each child's faces and to their parents. A perfect holiday movie that you will love and inspire you on why Christmas has the way to give everyone joy.
Dr. Seuss also gave Mr. Grinch (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) a backstory on why he hated Christmas so much and developed a sequence to understand him. He made the Grinch a lovable character with shortcomings and issues but deep inside has a pure heart.
Watch The Grinch only in cinemas this November 28. Directed by Ron Howard under Illumination.

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  1. The Grinch is my favourite Christmas movie. If you guys want to watch it too, you can find the free movie here.


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