March 19, 2018

UNSANE movie review

Reality is more terrifying than the paranormal.
Unsane's thrilling plot begins when Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) was involuntarily confined into a mental institution and being followed by her greatest fear. An estranged boyfriend David Strine stalks and follows her to the institution where she is then drugged and isolated that the stalker can get his control over her. Following Valentini's story inside the facility raises discomfort and excitement that you would be sitting hard at the back of your seat. Some things might go predictable, but have something to bite on when things go unexpected.
Though unconfirmed, it also angers me how insurance companies and hospitals go hand-in-hand in turning the money around where people are made victims for their business. Instead of helping for the cure, they create milking cows from us which is a bigger problem.
The movie is shot entirely on an iPhone without compromising the aesthetics and quality.

Directed by Steven Sodenbergh, Unsane is coming to SM Cinemas this March 21.

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