August 22, 2017

A FAMILY MAN movie review

A FAMILY MAN, Gerard Butler's new drama talks about a head hunter who is caught in the middle of different tests: finding a job for a seeker which is already over aged, making his path to be the next big boss of the company he's in, and dealing with fatherhood as his son suffers to a kind of leukemia.
An inspirational film on the struggles of a provider, wanting to excel in his own right as a career man and a provider for his family, but then challenges face him as his son is stricken with an illness. But in spite of it all, he tries to pull himself together by knowing his priorities, then all things got back into place. More of a faith-movie, but there is no divine intervention. It teaches us to know our priorities and when everything shuts down, new opportunities and windows come in when we least expect it. It will draw us on our relationship with our own families and making us realize why we do what we do. It is a good eye-opener.
It contains unnecessary scenes that made it longer. Story line is basic and simple.

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