April 4, 2017

POWER RANGERS movie review

So I think I might forgotten how the story goes since Power Rangers was shown when I was just around 7 to 10. Now that the Saban TV series is now a movie franchise, I tried to recall all elements from the show and compared it with the movie.
The Power Rangers is a group of teenagers (check!) that acquired super powers by being the chosen few to save the world from a villain, Rita Repulsa (check!) and her minions. Led by Jason (check!) as the Red Ranger (check!), joined by 4 others, are set to a quest to defend the earth from future destruction (storyline check!).

They have taken a new approach on the origins of the Rangers and why Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) wants to conquer earth so bad, I thought that there are major elements that are missed in the movie. They should shout "Mastodon - Pterodactyl - Triceratops - Sabre-toothed Tiger - Tyrranosaurus" to morph themselves into Power Rangers. That's how they can get the unknown bond between them and their own vehicles. The coins didn't do much on their morphing as they were just instruments to discover the new breed of Rangers.
Major twist, Rita Repulsa was a previous Ranger. Before, she was an evil witch trying to rule the universe with her minions. Now, with her greed to collect all energy crystals from all planets, there is also no reason why she first looks for gold instead of the crystal which can give her greater power.

There's a plot hole that crushed the concept of them having unbelievable strength they acquired upon discovering the coins. When Rita Repulsa tried to kill blue Billy (RJ Cycler/Blue Ranger), suddenly all of them have to help carry him. And the origin story is too long and the fight scene just took less than 10 minutes I think.

A few things great about Power Rangers -- they maintained actors diversity just like the TV series. There's White, Black, Asian, and even a lesbian is part of the characters. Making it very human and adapting to the times. New outfit is better and I liked it too with the metallic accents and works. I just LOL'd on the scene which Rita Repulsa made herself comfortable with a piece of Krispy Kreme and a cup of coffee before she started destroying the Rangers home town. Plus a good cameo by Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank at the end.

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