March 8, 2017

KONG: SKULL ISLAND movie review

In the name of science, an expedition was sent to an untouched island where they believed "God has stopped creation." KONG: SKULL ISLAND gives an exciting adventure starting March 9 in theaters. Best experienced on IMAX.
Tom Hiddleston leads a group of scientists, soldiers, and adventurers into a commercially unexplored island where they discover massive creatures rule the land. Including Kong, a legendary ape that they sooner learn as a protector of the island and with a kind heart to those who doesn't harm him.

Since most of the creatures are primitive and massive, I was tucking on my seat on many parts. It might do the same to you as well when you watch it on IMAX. I also twitch when they walk on swamps and makes me weak every time they do it. The terrifying moment lasted for almost 30-1 hour. Visual effects are okay and I like the tribal representation of the island's legends using stone pillars forming images.
However, I found some booboos in the movie. After they had an encounter with the "skull crawlers" in the ape graveyard, Tom Hiddleston, and Brie Larson fell hard on the ground. A situation you might not be able to stand immediately. But they were already walking fine at the transition. Also when Brie Larson got swallowed by a skull crawler from Kong's hand, she gets out unstained by any skull crawler's blood or anything. I would say that this could pass to a 3.5 stars out of five.

You have to stay until the end credits for a little Easter egg featuring another huge monster that Kong will be encountering later on.
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