March 1, 2016

WWF Philippines joins Earth Hour 2016 and more life-changing programs

For 20 years, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the Philippines has been pursuing the protection of wildlife and the conservation of the environment for the current and future generations. Thus the programs and campaigns of preserving endangered species, use of renewable resources and more has been ongoing for the past decades and continue to help in these causes. Three notable activities are up close to the Philippine culture and it has not only conserved natural resources but also uplifted the lives of the people.
First are the eco-tourism programs in Donsol, Sorsogon where visiting the endangered whaleshark (now 469) aka "butanding" has changed the attitude of Bicolanos towards the gentle giant. Before it was considered as a pest in the sea waters towing away fish which is the main source of living, it has become a major attraction in the area and the people of Donsol recognized the importance of the butanding in the marine ecosystem. They have helped conserve and improve the number of whalesharks and also protected their habitat. [see full story here]
Next is creating a renewable energy through solar powered lamps where common electricity is not reaching the remote islands in Palawan. These lamps help the students in studying during night time and be ready for school the next day. It is also currently helping fishermen in navigation while they go out to the sea at night. The lamps are very cost-efficient and functional that the Gift of Light program aims to spread the light to more areas in the Philippines. [full story]
Another is the propagation of the tamaraw in the Mindoro province when it almost became extinct. The Mangyans and the local government of Mindoro, together with WWF, has doubled the number of the local buffalo to 405. This preservation is very significant not only to the Philippines but also to the ecosystem in the area.

More and more activities have been ongoing but one of the highlights this year is the Earth Hour which will happen on March 19 2016 at 8:30-9:30PM. Manila has been a great contributor to the saved energy since this event started. Each and everyone is invited to turn off their lights and conserve energy at the said date and time and pledge to save mother earth now and for future generations. Conservation of this energy has a huge impact in slowing down global warming which we are experiencing today. This event will also take place in 170 countries around the world in more than 7000 hubs and cities.

Manila's hosting of the Earth Hour will take place in Quezon City Memorial Circle and spearheaded by WWF Philippines ambassadors Mikee Cojuangco, Rovilson Fernandez, Marc Nelson and now joined by Iza Calzado.
For more information about Earth Hour and donate to the causes of WWF Philippines, visit You can give and see updates in social media by following the following: #EarthHour2016 #RenewableIsDoable #ChangeClimateChange

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