January 27, 2016

THE REVENANT movie review

You can describe The Revenant more than intense, just as how Leonardo DiCaprio endured all physical challenges in the movie -- from extreme weather conditions, including a bear attack and more wounds that were almost impossible to heal. The worst feeling of it all was a betrayal from your own confidant and leaving you with almost nothing behind. That's why it's up to you how to survive, just how Hugh (DiCaprio) showcased his survival skills in this flick.
Grab a hold of anything you can bite on with the strong and violent scenes from start to finish. Make sure that you are strong to take on all blood squirts and blade cuts to and from our characters. The sight of bleeding wounds and piercing cuts were so real, it's really up to you to cover your eyes or not. The location totally gives the opposite of the scenes in every story. The very serene and cold location somehow blankets the violent and bloody action happening among its dwellers. Quite a beautiful view with a dark story to tell.
The Revenant is also can be considered the most physically challenging role for Leonardo DiCaprio. Unlike his other acclaimed movies, Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby and more, his The Revenant role is more hard-hitting and quite adventurous and very much apart from his glamorous image. His nomination for Best Actor can give way to his most-awaited win at the Oscars. But I'm not quite sure yet. Let's think positive and I'd still be happy otherwise.
The Revenant mainly focused on Leo's struggles to survive and to take revenge to his confidant Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). With side stories that are based on true events, director Alejandrino IƱarritu successfully was able to get the people immersed in the story and feel with the characters.

Showing starting February 3 in theaters from 20th Century Fox, The Revenant is also available in IMAX format.

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