October 13, 2015

Celebrate Quezon City's 75th anniversary in different spots

There's so much to go to without going too far from Metro Manila. And in the region's largest city, Quezon City has a lot more to offer than getting with the stars and good food. For the city's 75th anniversary, take time to visit some of its good spots.

Did you know that inside University of the Philippines alone, you can learn a big chunk of history and be amazed with heritage wonders? Founded in 1908, the University of the Philippines was the result of the Secretary of Public Instruction, W. Morgan Schuster’s recommendation to the Philippine Commission, the upper house of the Philippine Assembly. Act 1870 authorized the Governor General to establish the University of the Philippines in the “city of Manila, or at any point he may deem most convenient.” The UP was to give “advanced instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, and to give professional and technical training” to every qualified student regardless of “age, sex, nationality, religious belief and political affiliation.” MORE HERE
We've toured around UP and went to the Vargas Museum which was named after former politician Jorge Vargas. It contains authentic Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo paintings which are part of Mr. Vargas' collection. It is delightful to know more about history not taught in school and get close encounters with works of great artists like Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo.

When you go to the third floor, there is an exhibition by Mr. Mark Salvatus. One hall plays a video with music by the Philippine Army band.
Vargas Museum facade
Me in front of Amorsolo's artwork
The Vargas Museum also holds different exhibits every now and then. We were lucky to catch the last day of Hand Made Violence by Bembol dela Cruz. It emphasizes the idea of acquiring illegal guns, their description and how they are portrayed and perceived by people who own them.
We also went to the two churches found inside the campus, the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice and the Church of the Risen Lord. Two Christian churches, a Catholic and a Protestant one, that we are able to realize two contradicting beliefs perform adjacent to each other.
Church of the Risen Lord (Protestant)
Parish of the Holy Sacrifice (Catholic)
Before the sun sets, we reached the Carillon, the only bell tower inside UP Diliman, next to the Aldaba Hall. It used to play during Carlos P. Romulo's time and it is used for playing music and heard throughout UP Diliman. It originally consisted of 46 tuned bells in a 130-foot tower and was restored after World War II. MORE BITS HERE
UP Carillon
Probably the most prominent imagery of the University of the Philippines is the Quezon Hall where the famous UP Oblation stands tall. It also houses many of the administrative offices for the entire university. Behind it is where the annual Lantern Parade is assembled. MORE HERE
Lastly, we went to the PAGASA Astronomical Observatory where we can check latest astronomical phenomenon and for further studies. Sadly that the sun is still shining but if you have time or looking forward to see the heavenly bodies, visit the observatory at your convenience.
The day is not enough to tour around UP and explore. But if you're tired and want to relax a embrace cityhood again, you can stop at UP Town Center just along Katipunan and give in to your cravings.

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