September 26, 2015

#ALDubEBforLove in detail

I'm proud to be one of the big supporters of ALDUB and not ashamed to declare and share the kilig of these onscreen lovebirds while watching Eat Bulaga. Ever since, I find it an obligation to catch up with every episode from any resource in the internet. (The last time I give bit by bit information on a TV show that I followed was on Survivor Philippines many years ago.)
For those who didn't know or denying it, ALDUB is a love team formed during the noontime show's segment where Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) show interest with each other and make the audience kilig and this relationship was formerly prohibited by an elder, Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) because she believes that love should not be rushed.

So here's what happened today. Waking up at 9 this morning, I am already surprised that ALDUB Nation (the collective of ALDUB fans) already generated 9 million tweets. I tried to back read and the biggest tweets were from Joey De Leon (@AngPoetNyo) celebrating each million the hashtag surpasses. Every member of the ALDUB Nation (netizens, celebrities, GMA news personalities) all do their Pabebe Wave in their social media accounts, one with the National Pabebe Wave Day campaign for the fun of it. Today also marks Alden's first day of courtship to Maine.

Then Eat Bulaga started at 11:30AM. It's wonderful to watch people from different barangays synchronized dancing of ALDUB hits, Fantastic Baby and Mambo No. 5 in the opening number. Alden and Maine are preparing for their date outfits and Yaya Dub lived to her yaya image by ironing her own dress. We are expecting a full 3 hours of Kalye Serye because this is the moment we've been waiting for after that date last week.
Part 1 of 5: National Pabebe Wave Day
EAT's National Pabebe Wave Day! We are ONE mga Dabarkads! Juan For All, All For Juan! Goodvibes all the way! :D
Posted by Eat Bulaga on Saturday, September 26, 2015
ALDUB-inspired songs were also performed in breaks of the Kalye Serye by the original composers. Amazing how ALDUB inspired new musicians to write new songs aside from the mainstream artists who are just doing covers. We've had many of them. Finally, Alden sings God Gave Me You, live. He finished the whole song but got into tears that drove everyone to cry with him. I admit, 3 tears shed from my eyes.
Part 1 of 5: National Pabebe Wave Day
EAT's National Pabebe Wave Day! We are ONE mga Dabarkads! Juan For All, All For Juan! Goodvibes all the way! :D
Posted by Eat Bulaga on Saturday, September 26, 2015
That's one wish fulfilled from Lola Nidora's requests. We have 2 more. Yaya Dub, on the other hand, gets her dresses on and Lola Nidora helps her decide what to wear. Apparently, neither of the 3 nice outfits was worn. She still looked beautiful though.
Alden bought flowers and brings chicharon for Lola (2nd wish granted). Supposedly driving in a car lend to him by Allan K, but it didn't work. Thus getting an Uber ride to North Greenhills, which I think it is, he successfully gets to the mansion and welcomed by Rihanna Valenciano, the mansion's mayordoma played by Wally again whom I think is possibly tired of costume changes. Alden displayed good manners and behavior by putting his shoes off before going inside. He consciously observed the lessons taught to him by the Dabarkads on his first visit. The Explorer sisters, Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros) and Tinidora (Jose Manalo) showed him the interiors and their photos to Alden which added the comic relief to the story.

Yaya Dub steps in, God Gave Me You plays and their eyes meet. The two were pushed but still maintained the 1-foot distance. Nidora measures every inch between Alden and Yaya Dub and the crowd goes wild when they get even closer. A short game of Trip to Jerusalem before the two were left alone and ate together, feeding each other with pasta and cake by their own utensils (how sweet!). Yaya choked and Alden gave him a glass of water. Nobody discusses this yet but Alden also drank from the same spot of the glass's rim where Yaya touched her lips on and there's another indirect kiss. The one we remembered is with the straw during the kidnap scene. The two were talking to each other without mics or lapels and ignoring what's going on around them. Rihanna steps in and took selfies with the two. The best shot of the day, AlDub's first selfie, was captured.
The date ended and it was nice to see both Alden and Maine distanced themselves again with smiles on their face. Broadway is again in sync with the remote coverage and Yaya Dub exclaimed "This Must Be Love" twice which again caught the audience in surprise. We can't wait until Monday on what's going to happen next.

You can still check the conversations in Twitter:

Today also launches the latest endorsement for Maine which now involves Lola Nidora. Watch this:
O+ Ultra "Forever"

The most awaited O+ Ultra TVC with Yaya Dub. #YayaDub #Aldub #MerongForever #OplusUSA Aldub AlDub Philippines AlDub Official ALDUB Nation

Posted by O+ USA on Saturday, September 26, 2015
Congrats to Eat Bulaga and ALDUB for the wonderful show. That's a new stress reliever and kudos for bringing the proper traditions alive. Continue promoting good lessons which everyone deserves today. ALDUB You all.

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