August 28, 2015

PIXELS movie review

Thank you Resorts World Manila for the exclusive screening of PIXELS. PIXELS is another Happy Madison movie that you could almost relate to every detail in it. From teenage years until you realize that it is a throwback extravaganza with a twist.
Well it started from 1986 when I was still 2 years old, and then got familiarized with video games in 1989. When I got acquainted with arcade, that is when I can already relate with Brenner, played by Adam Sandler, who almost did not have any time for other things. Like many individuals, we also have this one bully that haunts us for life; in Brenner' case Eddie (Peter Dinklage) that successfully gets what he wants and tormented Brenner until his adulthood. More ironic stuff in the movie were Brenner's dumb friend turns out to be the president of the country and the sore loser gets to win a hot girlfriend.
The movie is a feast in the eyes of a video gamer. Gallaga, Centipede, Pacman, Donkey Kong, and more were present and they're set to destroy the earth. But then there are the good guys, QBERT is one of them and helped Brenner and the gang to save the planet. Millennials would be very pleased to see all 80s and 90s stuff in the pile and would be talking about the games they played during those days.

PIXELS is a good movie in 3D as it gives great visual impact with the colors and attacks on the effects. You'll love to see the characters go out of the screen and enjoy the humor that goes with it.
PIXELS is directed by Chris Columbus and distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures (Philippines).

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