June 25, 2015

MAX movie review

I felt so happy watching Max last night. If you're looking for a family movie this week, this is the perfect flick to go to especially if you're fond of dogs. The story is not just about any dog, giving his utmost loyalty to his human and giving his trust to the new owner.
Max is a Belgian Malinois, a precision-trained breed selected by the Marine Corps of the US. Running at great speed and even a pit bull tires behind it, still catching up a rushing bicycle and surpasses it. But what breaks your heart is when is first owner, Kyle (Robbie Amell) dies in an operation in Afghanistan, Max is very much upset and gives even more sobs at the funeral.
But I am actually amazed how Max reconnects his new owner to his family, Justin played by Josh Wiggins, and making me want to have a dog again. Max shows vivid emotions with barks and dog lovers can understand the twinkle in his eyes. It really gives you the #feels. There are some times that he gives a joke and hitches him with a girl.
A very touching story about friendship and loyalty, proving that trust no boundaries. Many would even agree that dogs are better companions than humans. Max is definitely recommended to watch.

Watch the trailer here:
Max opens June 26, 2015 in theaters nationwide, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines).
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