May 13, 2015

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD movie review

Warner Bros. Pictures' MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is an intense action movie that made me think about the times when water supply has become very limited. Opening tomorrow, May 14 in theaters nationwide, I was in mixed emotions while watching the movie.
Set in the driest regions of the planet in its apocalyptic stage, I was already cringing of what I saw. Almost indescribable and almost lost for words, it was really mad and crazy. I am selective with action movies but MAD MAX gets me more than any other gore films I watched. In fact, I love how it's made. Visual effects are stunning and costumes and make up and prosthetics are amazing.
You also have to watch out for the vehicles and the minions of Immortan Joe and how they play along in the movie. They may be the fun part of this film. MAD MAX Fury Road is one of my new favorite action packed and it will never disappoint.
MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is directed by George Miller and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines).

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