November 1, 2014

Meet Baymax

Baymax, the comforting inflatable robot that turns into a superhero in Disney's Big Hero 6, is not just a cuddly big marshmallow but instead a marvelous work by Disney's animators and thinkers. The character makes everyone search for something like it and we are now blessed to have him in theaters, November 6.
Baymax, he is just about to care. A vinyl robot designed for healthcare and absolutely a breakthrough in the industry. He can detect what you're feeling, level of pain, sickness, etc. He is essentially programmed to attend to the medical needs. But when his creator Tadashi disappears, he makes a different thing for Hiro, Tadashi's brother, to have a soul and become the best friend anyone could have.

It was quite a challenge for the animators to bring in Baymax's emotions. The big bump of white and black robot is very cuddly and unimaginable that he can do what he'll do after Hiro's experiment on him to save the world. Curiosity has just been illustrated with his tilt of the head and it will be a trick when he'll blink.

Scott Adsit voicing Baymax fits the character. “The fact that the character is a robot limits how you can emote,” says producer Roy Conli. “But Scott was hilarious. He took those boundaries and was able to shape the language in a way that makes you feel Baymax’s emotion and sense of humor. Scott was able to relay just how much Baymax cares.”

“Everything Baymax says is essentially programmed because he’s a robot,” says Adsit. “But over time, as he builds a relationship with Hiro, he adapts and deep inside his inflatable self is a soul, I think. He starts out almost like a child—with a waddle and an innocent look—and grows, embodying different aspects of the relationships in our lives: he’s a son, a brother, and eventually a father. So Baymax is family.”
Opening across the Philippines on Nov. 06, “Big Hero 6” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.
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