October 28, 2014

OUIJA cast members encounter fear

Playing Ouija board is one thing that would be last on my things to try out. But for 5 rising Hollywood stars, they have a close encounter with the real thing as they portray their characters in OUIJA.
Producer Andrew Form shares: “We wanted the characters to feel like they were making real decisions. This is difficult to accomplish in a horror movie when your protagonist is walking up the stairs and you know she shouldn’t be. We wanted the audience to feel just as scared as the actors looked.” This makes your Halloween movie a close to reality that will raise the hell out of the audience.

The cast of OUIJA has closely connected with their characters the moment they read the script and filming this was a great fulfillment for director Stiles White. He says, “I was lucky as a first-time director to have a group of performers that got what this movie was and what we were trying to do with it: a group of friends trying to reach out to a lost friend. It was going to be scary, fun and a thrill ride, but they understood that the friendship layer was the foundation of the story.” Cast includes Olivia Cooke, Daren Kagasoff, Douglas Smith, Ana Coto, and Bianca Santos.
Producer Jason Blum sums: “The best scary movies all hinge on the performances. The actors in this movie are strong and believable. I’m looking forward to seeing those performances come to life before an audience.”

Opening across the Philippines tomorrow, Oct. 29, Ouija is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

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