April 25, 2014

TV5 airs canonization rites of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II

on Sunday, April 27, we will witness another historic religious event for the whole Catholic community. Pope Francis leads the canonization rites of two blessed people, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. the live feed on TV5 will be airing at 4PM.
canonization, the last step into sainthood of a religious Catholic, declares a deceased person to become saint and should have performed at least two miracles that have to be proved. for the cases of these two Blessed individuals, Pope Francis makes it easier with only 1 miracle each. from the time they are canonized, we can send our venerations and prayers for their blessings.

it would be very amazing that saintly individuals still exist in our time. these two popes have lived in the highs and lows of the world and wished for the world to be a better place like we also wanted. let's live like them and make it so, even if we don't get to sainthood.

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