February 12, 2014

WINTER'S TALE movie review

I have this confusion with time-travelling movies but WINTER'S TALE is a not miss with loving individuals of all ages. As to learn not just to love but to be a miracle to others.
Being in the mythical New York in a different angels and demons battle, a person is caught in two time zones, one his present and his future and being able to fulfill his destiny. I just had to carefully draw myself in the settings and how clues were revealed one by one in the life of Peter Lake (Colin Farrell). I also had this icky feeling that sometime within that Pearly Holmes (Russell Crowe) will sing as Javert in Les Mis.

The story is something new to me and I really liked it too. It brings back youth to Colin Farrell and he has regained the matinee idol image in this movie. There is also balance in the roles of the supporting cast, and a pleasant script.
A love fantasy is very timely in this season and for those in love out there, Winter's Tale is written and directed by Akiva Goldsman and now showing in theaters. Distributed by Warner Bros Philippines.

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