September 3, 2013

THIS IS THE END movie review

probably the most hilarious apocalyptic movie i've ever seen, THIS IS THE END presents actors the way we've never seen them before. Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchen, James Franco, Jonah Hill high on weed and other substances and throwing blasphemus jokes.
it would seem like a bunch of rich movie celebrities that just thought of creating a movie just for fun and indeed it is. a merger of different iconic movie scenes like Exorcism, Independence Day among others. it was just fun that we see unexpected personalities but dying at a glance at the brutal way possible. it was also hilarious at how you'll discover how celebrities think about others among them. if i am to decide, they could win a Golden Globe for this.

i don't know what message this movie implies but the script is very funny and plot is very interesting. i could watch it again and recommend it to everyone. although it's not advisable for audience under 16 (R-16 rating).
THIS IS THE END is directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, distributed by Columbia Pictures and will be played exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas starting September 11.

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