June 25, 2013

THE HEAT movie review

when two agents clash on their operation tactics to take on a drug syndicate, you can imagine how some actions will be chaotic. but for FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), her immersion in the ghetto with a local officer, Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), would be the most successful and respectable tandem ever.
in THE HEAT, FBI Agent Sarah Ashburn and Boston police officer Mullins are two women that were ridiculed by their own offices but were very efficient in their own fields. the uniformed Ashburn meets the commonality of Mullins in the Boston neighborhood which Ashburn finds difficult to blend in. Ashburn sees how Mullins take on cases until a very sensitive instance has to be dealt by her ways. her strategies and tactics takes on justice but careful to compromise the new-found friendship.
Sandra Bullock (Ashburn) and Melissa McCarthy (Mullins)
THE HEAT is indeed a very funny movie and funnier after you see the trailer. Melissa McCarthy is the person to watch out for punch lines and i think brought the light on this flick. expect a lot of bad-mouthing and gruesome gestures attacking people and on Sandra Bullock that makes you leap from your seat. be sure that you don't bring your kids under 13 as rated. but the servings of punch lines are very much enjoyable. i bet many people would use them in their everyday lives.
THE HEAT is directed by Paul Feig and written by Katie Dippold. also starring Marlon Wayans in this police action-comedy movie. opening June 27 distributed by 20th Century Fox Philippines and Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines.

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