February 15, 2013

i will run the trail of HAMILO COAST

i successfully registered to this event on March 23 called the Salomon X-Trail Run happening at Hamilo Coast. not to mention about the vacation that goes with it, it would be a very tiring obstacle to run on a Saturday morning.
registered at 6K, the shortest of the trail as i have not been practicing for farther distances and also at the slopes. but it is a great privilege for me to do this. by this time, i really have to do this. (nah! LOL)

here are the categories:
6K - road to trail run
12K- road to trail run
24K- mountain run

the run is customized for elite runners. well for me, it would be a great start.

for more information about the run, visit www.salomonxtrailpilipinas.com

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