January 18, 2013

OxRyd - better water in a bottle

we all know that water is essential to our bodies and life. water is both nurturing and cleans our internal and external systems but it can also destroy us if we don't take in safe drinking water.

as we all know, water is composed of two Oxygen molecules and 1 Hydrogen molecule and it can take any form -- solid as ice, liquid or even gas as vapor. each form is beneficial to us but what's more important is its Oxygen component which helps in our body functions. what better it can be if we can improve it's state and with more water like the new OxRyd, the bottle with oxygenated water through a process called Electrolytic Hydrolysis by which water molecules is broken down to tinier bits and added more oxygen content. in result, the water becomes softer and water molecule clusters becomes smaller for faster cell absorption.
OxRyd's better oxygen component is what the body needs, take a look at the following benefits:

  1. hydration (prevents constipation and it helps regulate your daily bowel movement);
  2. detoxification (flushes toxins and unwanted radicals out of our cells and body and strengthens the immune system);
  3. regeneration (rejuvenates skin cells resulting to a younger and healthier skin);
  4. absorption (enhances absorption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients);
  5. increase energy (regulates body metabolism for better stamina and endurance)
CY Water Solutions, the manufacturer of OxRyd, aims to promote the wellbeing of the Filipinos by creating a healthy lifestyle by providing high-grade drinking water to the public. the technology of Oxryd doesn't have to be expensive but not compromising on the quality of goods that the Filipinos take. OxRyd is another innovative product manufactured with high quality industry standards.

OxRyd retail priced starts at P22 per 500 ml bottled and P35 per 1000 ml bottled. OxRyd is available in all leading supermarket and drugstore nationwide.

to know more about OxRyd, you can call (02) 666-1950 / (02) 215-9156 or log on at www.oxyryd.com

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