January 16, 2013

CHINESE ZODIAC movie review

Jackie Chan is set to collect the twelve bronze zodiac heads and make a fortune out of it in Star Cinema's Chinese Zodiac opening January 30 in theaters nationwide.
since ancient artifacts cost a fortune, modern businessmen are collecting these Chinese Zodiac heads for their own collection. but militant groups like these artifacts to be returned to their own homelands especially the zodiac heads which are about to get auctioned. Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) aims to collect these artifacts for his living and reproduces it for collectors around the world. in the adventure of having all the bronze heads together, resistance came through with pirates, police and syndicates altogether.
if you're a fan of Jackie Chan, you're definitely going to watch this. but his action were still the same. amazing in his age to manage his stunts and tricks. joined with other big Asian stars, the movie was for the new age of Asian audience which is good. the plot and character development is a Jackie Chan signature, you'll laugh and will soon pity him in his terrible accidents. in the addition with the foreign actors like
Oliver Platt, you'll have an automatic assumption that there is a syndicate going on.
Chinese Zodiac opens January 30 in Philippine theaters, by Star Cinema.

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