December 13, 2012

THE HOBBIT: An Unexpected Journey movie review

more that we didn't really know, Bilbo Baggins had more stories than finding the ring itself. in The Lord of the Rings' prequel THE HOBBIT, we will be further introduced to more of Middle Earth's history before the big war against Sauron and the power of the One Ring.
on the first part in Warner Bros.' THE HOBBIT trilogy, Bilbo starts to tell the story to his nephew, Frodo, of what really happened before what he is at present. at this point, we will realize why the smallest of all the creatures, a hobbit has been chosen to join a pack of strong and experienced Dwarves of Erebor to fight against a fierce dragon in the Lonely Mountain.
in this story that was set 60 years ago before the great Tolkien Trilogy, Bilbo was hesitant to join the adventure but it was Gandalf's faith in him that made him to join. and perhaps he has nothing to do and he wants to prove himself that even small things have some importance. we will notice that the hobbit was often regarded as something that can be ignored due to its midgeting size.
his encounters with the dwarves were funny, thrilling, exciting. in this adventure, they'll find themselves close to danger with trolls, goblins and take refuge in the House of Elrond and the power of the wizards. the magic and action are surely not to be missed.

as for Gollum, scary and funny as ever. but in this movie, you'll either hate or pity him for something precious will be lost. his hoarse voice but witty antics is as puzzling as his riddles and as mysterious as his secrets.
something to watch with your 3D glasses on, THE HOBBIT: An Unexpected Journey provides a good CGI and the great picturesque view of New Zealand takes us into the historical Middle Earth and we'll love Peter Jackson with that. and if you want value for your money, you'll never bore at this 2 hours, 45 minute masterpiece.

opening today in the Philippines and on December 14 worldwide, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is brought to us by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures.

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