October 16, 2012

bloggers cover CCTV Patrol with Kabayan Noli De Castro

before CCTV cameras, when crimes and accidents were very rampant, investigations take very long. and in some instances, people involved were absolved from the crimes they committed. but in today's technology, people can point out the person or groups who attack their victims from their mobile phones to CCTV cameras. and this has been a big opportunity for TV Patrol, the flagship news program of ABS-CBN, to deliver news which are caught by these cameras with their segment CCTV Patrol.
for the first time, Kabayan Noli De Castro had the chance to discuss with bloggers about CCTV Patrol. according to him, CCTV cameras were indeed a great help for the police and investigators to track out the criminals. CCTV Patrol is another BMPM (Bayan Mo, Patrol Mo) project which gives regular citizens to give substantive material to be aired on TV for a call to action among authorities.

for instance, the robbery incident in 7-eleven convenience store in Manila helped the police about the fugitives after Zyann Ambrosio's caught videos. when it was aired on TV Patrol, police received text messages from people and follow-up reports has been released.

also another CCTV footage of several men kicking and pointing a man in his own home that went viral in the internet after it was aired in TV Patrol. netizens had heavily discussed the video about authorities have done to stop the incident. after its airing and several follow-ups, the police had identified the suspects of what they call "akyat-bahay" gang.

Kabayan Noli De Castro has stressed the importance of CCTV cameras and what it can do to solve crimes. he adds, let's make use of our own gadgets, cellphones, etc to help the victims of these suspects. he himself, even without CCTV cameras at home had installed human-sensors at home which can also be monitored remotely through an iPad. this protects him from intruders, not to mention that he is a prominent individual taking high-risks.

ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Head, Jing Reyes discussed how to people contribute to the investigation of these crimes. with a bulk number of photos and videos sent to ireport@abs-cbn.com everyday, the pool of their own researchers examine and verify these videos before it was aired on TV. they also provide the anonimity of the contibutor to protect his own rights especially with those of political figures.

CCTV Patrol footages can be sent through ireport@abs-cbn.com, or uploaded through Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bayanmoipatrolmo.akoangsimula or Twitter @bayanmo.

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