July 19, 2012


the epic conclusion of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a really must-watch for all of us who look out for something big established in the trilogy. Christopher Nolan didn't fail us to be more excited and i wanted something more -- a new sequel probably.
this last film focused on "what would Batman do?" after his retirement with the last movie where he fought Joker. tension and civil war arises after Bane (Tom Hardy) escaped his arrest and came up with a plan to put down the bureaucracy in Gotham City. on the other hand, Bruce Wayne gets a new problem with Selena Kyle (Anne Hathaway) where his fingerprints were copied to gain access to Gotham's big resources.
what i like about this series is the way it was presented in a more realistic way rather than very cartoony. though the bat gear is not shown as how it works, but it was used in a high-class but aided with primary human reaction to defend himself like as how Batman used it.
Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt), is in store for a big revelation in the movie.

it's great to watch it if all people pay attention to the movie. opening today in cinemas, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is presented by Warner Bros. Pictures, in regular and IMAX format.

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