June 7, 2012

THE ARTIST movie review

at last i saw The Artist and i can say that i never regret watching it even though i wasn't very much interested at it first. just as i know is that it was a grand winner from all movie award-giving bodies. and just as it was shown in the opening night of the French Film Festival here in the Philippines, i never let the chance pass to see it. this is a great masterpiece of Michel Hazanavicius letting the experience of silent film in today's generation.
the story is about George Valentin (Jean Dujardin), a silent film actor in the early 20th century. a handsome, famous and thinks he has it all. he cheers everyone with his acting abilities and that he is loved.
until Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo), a newly discovered actress comes to the scene. her dreams come true one by one starting by getting into George Valentin. they collaborated too in some movies. her star gets brighter in Hollywood until she was offered the first movie with talking.
George Valentin didn't accept this change at first and he laughed about it. later on the new technology in movies was more patronized by the public. his silent films diminish their entertainment value. he didn't see this coming, eventually he loses everything to the point he put his life in danger. on the other hand, Peppy was on his back checking out his whereabouts and conditions. when George is falling down, she supported by buying all his things in order to provide money for him. when he finally accepted his shortcomings, he embraced the changes and he humbled himself to get in the industry again.
what really amazed me is the sound editing. and of course, displaying the production style of silent films before and its further developments throughout the years until what we are witnessing these days. the story is a classic rise and fall of celebrities saying that they can't have it all. life lessons that we have to get out of our comfort zone and embrace changes in our lives.

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