April 9, 2012


on April 12 - 16, North Korea will be testing a missile which may land on the Philippine Deep. a photo below shows which area will greatly be affected by the missile when it hits the waters.
yes, it may exclude the area where people inhabits the land. but look at the picture on how it will affect one source of Filipino living. the Philippine Deep has been documented as the most diverse water area in all the world. a large ecosystem of different marine animals and plants thrive within the deepest ocean floor.

to the government, i think you have forgotten that we have an increasing number of marine life like the whale shark and the pawikans. NGOs, and probably you, have been telling future generations that we have the richest soil and waters. let us all experience this diversity of the seas. not just seen in the books and pictures.
i hope this is a call to action. don't just stand there and wait what will happen when the missile strikes. we have been very welcome to Koreans entering our country and we look down at their money that boosts our tourism industry. we can be self-sustainable. and there's a lot of things to do. we've done it before Muroroa Attoll and i hope we can stop this too.

i strongly disagree if this missile test happens just for a diplomatic agreement. any military action like this must never be done in the first place, regardless of where it may strike.

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