February 25, 2012

Lent in the Philippines 2012

the Philippines is known for being the country with the most Catholics in South East Asia. aside from celebrating the world's longest Christmas, devotees of the Catholic church display the gesture of remembering the Passion of the Christ in the 40 days of lent. an obvious example is the array of images portraying the scenes of the Passion and the key characters that lived in the Gospel days.

in an exhibit at Sta. Lucia East Mall in Cainta, Rizal, life-size images are displayed in this fashion:

Scenes from The Way of the Cross


these wooden or ivory images are adorned with elegant clothes and accessories made of brass which are included in processions during the Holy Week.

you can find the other photos in my Facebook page but you can check them out for yourself at the exhibit at Sta. Lucia East Mall. the exhibit runs whole lent before Holy Week (April 1-8, 2012). you can write your petitions at the papers beside every image and donations are also accepted.

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