February 1, 2012

CHRONICLE movie review

three high school friends gained super powers after making an incredible discovery. but soon as they develop these skills, they lose control of these powers and made them to embrace their darker side. Andrew, Mark and Steve had "documented" these events and now we call it Chronicle.
shot in "footage found" format like The Blairwitch Project, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity and others, this footage movie is cleaner than the rest. maybe because of the camera that Andrew is using. story-wise, the movie is about self-control and realizing that there will be people concerned with you. Andrew became very obsessed of his footages and didn't leave it even to the private moments. same as his cousin, Matt.

but coolest captures include flying. being able to go to places and controlling things. but sometimes things go wrong and Andrew gets out of control using his powers against people.
on the downside, though this was supposed to be "footage found" format, editing is very obvious.

catch CHRONICLE soon in Philippine theaters.

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