October 19, 2011

CONNECT & WIN with AyosDito.ph

I remember finding items to purchase in AyosDito.ph and I am so glad that the products are well-classified and payment options are very easy. Find the item you need nearest in the convenience of your home for its regionalized stores feature; classified products from real estate to pets, and even services for your everyday need. You can find almost anything even look for a job. Sellers or employer profiles are also seen on AyosDito.ph so that you may know if the item is legit.

Now that it is linked with Facebook, the app will connect your AyosDito account with your details. And that's what you call AyosDito Connect. You can create ads for your products and services easier now just like what I've done today.
AyosDito Connect has different features when you create ads. You can create, share monitor your site performance and also increase your network within the site.

I just followed the instructions given and now I have 20 chances to win an iPad 2 or iPad 4 or even 1million pesos! Just fill out the registration form and you'll immediately earn 10 raffle tickets!

And then I thought of this opportunity that I can use my AyosDito.ph account to promote the event I am organizing. Since it's free, I have taken advantage of this feature and it's very convenient to use. It also has Twitter and Facebook features so they are automatically shared in my accounts.

The AyosDito Connect & Win contest has been running from August 29 and ends on November 6, 2011. Keep on logging in or sell/buy stuff to earn more and more raffle entries. Here are the mechanics:

First, register with AyosDito Connect. To learn more about AyosDito Connect, please go to this link.

Participants earn entries when doing the following actions below when they are logged in to AyosDito Connect:
Upon registration - 1 raffle entry
Invite a friend - 1 per approved and registered invite
Share an ad - 1 per Shared ad
Be recommended - 1 for every Recommend
Post An Ad - 10 per approved
Like an ad - 1 for every Liked ad

Neat prizes await all registered users. A total of 30 x iPad 2’s, 20 iPhone 4’s and P1,000,000 in cash will be given away as prizes for the promo and will be distributed as follows:

Weekly Draws - The following will be raffled off in ten (10) weekly draws:
a. 3 iPad 2’s will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week
b. 2 iPhone 4’s will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week

Grand Draw -P1,000,000 will be raffled off in the Grand Raffle on Week 10 of the promo

It worked well for me. I would like to know if there are other AyosDito.ph users in the web and you can share your experiences in commenting below. Grand draw is also nearing and I hope that more people will be able to join.

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