August 19, 2011

FINAL DESTINATION 5 movie review

we all want to die peacefully. but if you're going to see a movie like Final Destination 5, make sure that you have a healthy heart because you're in for very violent scenes not good for a weak heart. Warner Bros. Pictures gives the 5th installment of the most morbid film series, opening in Philippine theaters on August 24 2011.

it was just a company retreat until Sam Lawton (Nicholas D'Agosto) sees a vision as they got all killed in a tragic downfall of the Golden Gate bridge. one by one, they meet death in his vision but he was very thankful enough that it was just a dream. but a strong gut feeling holds him that they could not really escape death in each of their time just right after that his vision came true.

cheating death is not really easy for them. unimaginable and very unfortunate events came to them one by one adding to the stress and depression they experience from the death of their coworkers. and they happen in the best areas that you might also dwell -- the spa, the gym, a medical appointment -- anything goes. and until they figure out how to escape it, but still somebody has to go next.

the scenes on this movie is more realistic than the previous 2 movies because the death machinery is more possible and believable than choreographed by an evil power. the 3D graphics are beautiful and the killing scenes are very believable. i almost think that were the producers of this movie are frustrated killers? i wonder why they have started this movie and made it into a series. also be prepared with paddings and ear plugs because you might be hit hard by those beside you and deafened by the screams and shouts at the theater.

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