April 5, 2011

HALL PASS movie review

isn't it nice when you are free outside of relationship, and you have to enjoy being single as much as you want? but what if you are attached in a relationship but you wish to enjoy the perks of singlehood? let Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis teach you how to do it in New Line Cinema's new love-comedy, Hall Pass, showing on April 6 in theaters nationwide.

Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) are both average husbands who are not surprisingly obsessed with hormonal activities and would love to live the life of bachelors once again. when their wives have filled up the cup, they are forced to give the hall pass -- driving their partners out of their marriages for one week!

and the boys' are free. having their wives' permissions to do whatever they want and don't feel bad about it. the two of them together with the other guys played along for the whole week and the possibilities had been endless and they are bachelors again. but there is one thing that they have stuck eyes on -- to have an affair with another woman until the hall pass expires.

almost there, there are unimaginable things that come their way and that's where all the funny part is. scenes are very close to the lives of people. how they tried to enjoy the time were almost not done.

even their wives had a time with their hall pass. in fact, they even had more of the great time than their husbands. it's good that they realize the purpose of the hall pass isn't just for their husbands but for themselves. it serves a lesson that there are great things with sticking to their own partner and be content and love them more.

Hall Pass is a New Line Cinema presentation to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. opening on April 6.

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