March 18, 2011

SIMON'S WAY is everybody's way

In this season of Lent, it's time that we reflect on ourselves on what we do, think and say. And face all trials that we encounter as a learning process and everything has a purpose. That's what a new cultural play tries to tell us which is entitled Simon's Way.

Simon's Way tells the story of a Franciscan monk, Simon Vela, whom the Lady has spoken to search for the missing image. In his journey, he meets hardships, joy and Eliza, whom he falls in love with on the fourth year of searching. His trial is when he is made to choose between his emotions or to continue his journey. And as he accepts his task, his journey becomes easier and burdens got lighter. He even produce miracles which are documented and recognized by the Vatican. With his belief and obedience to his purpose, he is well favored.

Simon's Way is an original Filipino cine-musical by Ferdinand Dimadura which he had written for 12 years. The title role is played by renowned theater-actor Cocoy Laurel joined by Jenine Desiderio and Cris Villonco who both plays as Eliza. They will tell the story of Simon Vela and help us understand the adoration of people to Ina, Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia, which is the inspiration of all of this.

A round of other shows will benefit the small chapels and parishes in Caceres in Bicol:

March 24 - 7PM, Unibersidad de Santa Isabel Auditorium, Naga City
March 25 - 130PM and 7PM, Unibersidad de Santa Isabel Auditorium, Naga City
March 26 - 130PM and 6PM, Unibersidad de Santa Isabel Auditorium, Naga City
March 28 - 7PM, University of North Eastern Philippines Auditorium, Iriga City
April 17 - 4PM, SM The Block
May 14 - 7PM, Legaspi Astrodome

Ticket sales will be for the parishes of Caceres to fund for their education and everyday living. Sadly that these small churches only earn Php20 in a week collection--not really enough to sustain those who obeyed to be servants of God.

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