February 28, 2011

WIFI sharing with PLDT MyDSL

Internet connections at home has been tough through the wired era. As a mobile internet user, I find it hard sometimes to search for Wi-Fi enabled places to connect to the internet. I am using broadband connection at home with a stick and sometimes signal is very poor. So I have to go out and look for an internet shop to be able to connect to the internet. And that's for just a limited time and cost.

But now, we can have access through any site using PLDT MyDSL's new MODEM and WIFI in one. Everyone in the family can enjoy the internet using wireless connections and with a good reputation of PLDT MyDSL, you can maximize your internet usage anywhere inside your home.

The PLDT MyDSL Wi-Fi modem is available in plans 990 and 1299. And you can install it easily because of its portability and sleekness. You cannot be tied up in any cable.

"Digital lifestyle is not an option," PLDT AVP and head of PLDT myDSL Gary Gujali. It has been an essential part of our life nowadays where we need to be updated by what's happening around us. And random things happen and we might want to share it in an instant. Like me, I always want to keep on track with my emails, statuses and news. I also read stuff using my mobile phone.

PLDT myDSL is the new convenient way on keeping on track. Availing plans like 999, 1995, and 3000, you and your family can surf unlimited internet. And one modem can accommodate multiple connections. So getting a PLDT myDSL wi-fi modem is a good investment.

If you want to know more about PLDT myDSL, visit their website at www.myworldmydsl.com and like them on Facebook.com/pldtmydslwatchpadcrew.

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