February 3, 2011

127 HOURS movie review

James Franco stars as the Aron Ralston in the reality 127 Hours. the brave traveler who spent his life and fought for survival after being stuck under a rock in a deserted place.

he had almost nothing to consume except for a bottle of water. maybe the hardest movie for James Franco to make but you will be impacted greatly. and with that little resources, you'll understand why he thought of a lot of things to escape his condition even for just small moments like documenting himself and day dreaming.

i was grossed out by this movie and at the same time i felt pity for Aron Ralston. no one was there to rescue him and i was thinking, did anybody look for him? where were the two ladies after he left them? he tried to figure out all the possibilities that he might do in order to survive. and as your body begins to dry out, you can't think well.

but i am really amazed of this movie. it shows us that convenience also comes with sacrifice. Aron Ralston serves a great inspiration. also like a very "saintly" deed of letting go of what burdens you and continuing to move on.

127 Hours is a film by Fox Searchlight opening on February 9.

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