December 12, 2010

DAFT PUNK scores for Walt Disney's TRON

Grammy® Award–winning electronic music duo Daft Punk creates the original music score for Walt Disney Pictures' new sci-fi action-adventure “TRON: Legacy.”

From their first single release in 1993, the combined talents of DJs Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter were hailed as a new breed of house innovators. Daft Punk’s sound is a brazen, dance floor-oriented blend of progressive house, funk, electro and techno. Following their brilliant debut in 1997 (Homework), the duo went on to release two more studio albums (Discovery—2001, Human after All—2005) and two live albums (Alive 1997, Alive 2007).

When director Joseph Kosinski came on board to helm “TRON: Legacy,” he heard that Daft Punk, whose art form and style were influenced by the original 1982 “TRON,” were interested in the project. A pancake breakfast in Hollywood soon followed, where the three talked about Kosinski’s vision for the film.

The three artists found themselves on the same creative page and began working on the score very early on in the filmmaking process. The score took shape over the course of three years and is a unique combination of orchestra, electronic and granular sounds.

The duo worked closely with the filmmakers not only on the score, but on the sound design too, especially the moments where sound design and room tones bleed into cues. It was a very sophisticated musical approach—a layering blend that occasionally blurs the line between music and sound design in a very interesting way. “We've got over 100 minutes of music in this movie. And it's so tied to the visuals because we had it so early, I just can't imagine this film without it,” says Kosinski.

All the newest technology gives “TRON: Legacy” its cutting-edge look and feel, since the filmmakers had far fewer limitations for what computers can achieve. But even with the obvious visual advantages, the filmmakers have striven to keep the spirit of “TRON” creator Steven Lisberger’s dream intact.

To pull that off, the movie gathers together some of the most sophisticated filmmaking technology available today, including even more advanced cameras than those used on “Avatar,” a blend of computer graphics and practical sets.

With that technology put in the hands of talented, creative designers and visionary filmmakers, above and below the line, “TRON: Legacy” showcases cutting-edge design and astounding visual effects enhanced by the latest stereoscopic (3D) technology. The film blends live action and photorealistic computer animation in ways only dreamed of in the past. As producer Jeffrey Silver says, “It seemed obvious that ‘TRON,’ being the groundbreaking film that it was in the ’80s, had to be followed with a film equally as groundbreaking in the 21st century. If we were going to do ‘TRON: Legacy’ right, we would have to push the envelope. And we did.”

Opening across the country on Friday, Dec. 17, “TRON: Legacy” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Philippines.

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