November 8, 2010


7 days before the big fight of Pound for Pound King, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao versus Mexican Antonio Margarito on November 14 2010 at Texas Cowboy Stadium. This is the latest match everyone has been waiting for and no one should miss it!

Tickets are already selling out of theaters and lining up is a hassle. But you can watch it over the internet LIVE! Just sign up for a PLDT Watchpad Plan for Php 1,299 and reserve a slot right now! Existing Watchpad users from Php 990 can just upgrade to the better rate. Hurry! Reservations is until 12 midnight TODAY!

See the fight in real time with fast internet connection and NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS! You just need a 768 kbps connection or higher to optimize viewing the fight. See also special celebrities who may be watching the fight at the ringside! Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao is said to watch this fight if Manny promises that this would be the last! I, myself, wouldn't want to miss this. It looks like a David vs Goliath match, but I think Margarito's size will not defeat Pacquiao's speed. I also bet over Pacquiao so I hope he really wins. Though the fight lasts for 12 rounds, I think there will still be a KO.

I wonder who will sing the Philippine National Anthem for this match. I hope he/she can perform it well too.

You can also watch past Manny Pacquiao fights like Pacquiao VS Clottey and Pacquaio VS Cotto. This is an exclusive to all PLDT Watchpad users.

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